English Mum and Babe

Wildcroft Dairy are proud to provide delicious Raw Goats Milk, Goats cheese & Raw goats milk kefir from our family run farm in Surrey.

Here at Wildcroft Dairy we are home to the largest herd of critically endangered English Goats producing delicious Raw (unpasteurised) Goats Milk, Goats Cheese, Raw Goats Milk Kefir and Goats Milk Soap.  We also regularly have goat meat for sale from the farm gate.  All produced on our farm in the heart of the Surrey Hills.

 With less than 100 females registered worldwide, having a fifth of them in our care is a huge responsibility as well as a lot of fun.  In addition to our English Goats we also entertain (or they entertain us!), British Toggenburgs, Anglo Nubians, British Alpines, Saanens and a few Heinz 57s. 

Raw goats Milk & Kefir

At Wildcroft Dairy we produce fresh Raw Goats Milk & Raw Goats Kefir from our farm nestled in the Surrey Hills.  Being raw, it has not been subjected to pasteurisation, keeping in all the goodness found in raw goats milk!

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Goats Milk Soap

Our Goat milk soap boasts high amounts of fats, particularly caprylic acid, allowing for gentle removal of dirt and debris without removing the skin’s natural fatty acid.

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Goats Cheese

 Our Goats Cheese is a fresh, creamy yet slightly crumbly goats cheese with a lovely subtle goaty aftertaste. We have an amazing selection to shop from.

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Customers reviews

“ Great farm with lovely owners - We've been getting fresh Raw(Real) goats milk from here for our daughter for the last 3 months. Highly recommended.”
Imtiyaz H L
“ Out of the way small farm with lovely owner. Delicious cheese and unpasteurised goat's milk. I didn't know it was there, tucked away under the Hogs Back. Will be back!”
Fiona Thompson
“Amazing animal care .friendly people.. very helpful”
Sandy Bridger

Meet the farm

 Wildcroft Dairy ensure the quality of care given to the animals at our farm is the most important aspect of our family run farm. Providing high quality, Raw Goats Milk, Raw Goats Kefir, Raw Goats Soap and Raw Goats Cheese – we believe that a happy farm means happier customers. Click below to see some of our farm residents!